How to Safely Make friends with flash

We have a lot of external data storage media which has a variety of shapes and sizes of data such as memory chips, external hard drives and flash of course. However for practical reasons, it seems that the flash is still an option for most people, although now many emerging various brands of external hard drives and clearly has the data storage space much larger than the flash. This is because the shape of small so easy to carry and storage, as can be tucked in a pocket for example.

Of course, besides having the advantages as mentioned earlier, the flash disk it can be susceptible to damage if the user is less understanding of the nature and habits in the use of flash plus other things that can affect the age of flash.

That's what this article is presented to help you how to maintain and keep the flash can remain durable in the sense that work well and durable:

1. Avoid exposed to water.
Keep the flash to avoid exposure to water, rain or even submerged in water. Things like the above can cause damage to the components in it that may result can not terbacanya data means lost data forever. There are some brands that dare to claim that anti-product water (waterproof), but the safest step is to distance the flash from the affected water.

2. Keep it away from the influence of strong magnetic fields
Try to put the flash on when not in use in a safe place from the influence of strong magnetic fields, such as TV, mobile and large-sized speakers. Many of us on the grounds within easy reach and easy to remember it is often put small items such as keys, including the flash on the TV. Well, this is wrong. Flash should not be placed there, because TV has the effect of a strong magnetic field. So also put the flash into one with HP do not do, like save the flash and HP in the same pocket.

3. Familiarise remove the flash when it's safe

USB Drive_0
Make a habit of always remove the flash from the plug (USB Port) after use with through the process of the correct eject. Do it always with doing a stop on the "Safely Remove Hardware" from the computer and unplug after notice "Safe To Remove Hardware" appears on the monitor screen. This is done so as not to affect the data files stored on it. Flash is not ready to be revoked is usually because there is still the current process (data transfer) or can also process the virus that was working.

4. Always make sure the virus scan with an updated antivirus.
Transfer data from computer to pendrive very susceptible to transmission of viruses if the computer has been infected by a virus origin. Moreover, when you save data from the cafe after a download or just copy the data. It is no secret that internet cafe has been a "nest" or "media" (more accurately perhaps?) For the virus to move and take advantage of flash is evil rallies and conduct personal kekomputer deployment. To make sure that the flash is scanned in full after the data transfer used by antivirus software that is always updated.

5. Keep away from heat and place concussion
Flash also has no heat resistant properties as well as other electronic goods. Do not put a flash on the hot areas, such as above the dashboard of a car that was left under the hot sun or the heat that caused the car itself. Also keep it away so the flash does not hit a hard object or frequent falling.

6. Always put the cap back
After use put on the cap back on properly. This is done to avoid the entry of undesirable impurities such as dust or foreign objects that could result in failing the familiar flash when inserted in the USB port. It also can lead to failure of the read / write data to flash.

7. Erase-write the minimal process

Usually the flash has the strength to survive (read: age) to remove the write process 100,000 times. Various kinds of brand name flash on the market have different qualities and prices which also affects the life time of the flash is concerned. However it is not absolute. It would be nice if we get used to minimize the process to delete and write at the age of flash to flash is more durable. Get used to work carefully and correctly so we do not repeat to save on the flash that means repeating the process of writing to flash. Minimal editing the data directly on the flash. Should do well on the computer editing, after the right of all and no correction before moving into the flash.

Also not recommended to run the program directly stored in the flash, although the mini-game program or portable applications, because it would reduce the age of the flash itself. Move first program into a computer.


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