Save the files with Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition

Lost files or important data on the computer either erased, formatted, partition fails, a virus, etc., can sometimes make us dizzy. Although already a lot of software to rescue (recovery) data, but not all have the features that fit. Recently, Easeus (which was known to make the software partition) released a free software for data recovery.

Software named Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is carrying the various features of data recovery.

For those that never divide (partition) hard drives, may not be familiar with Easeus Partition Master software, software for managing disk partition Partition Magic class that can be obtained free of charge. Data recovery software is also made by Easeus. Previously Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is only available to paid versions, but now also released a version Easeus Free. Although there are limitations, but this free version has the capability / features in common with a paid version.

Features of Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition

For the size of a free software, Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition does have an abundance of features, even comparable to other paid software. Here are some important features:

* Recovery of deleted files, both while removing the Shit + Delete or after empty recycle bin
* Recovery complete, well after the partition in the format, the RAW partition and disk damaged (corrupted) due to the partition so that it says "Disk is not formatted"
* Recovery Partition, such as the partition process experiencing the error, deleted partition, lost partition because the application or system errors
* Supported file formats FAT system (12/16/32), NTFS, NTFS5 also ext2/ext3.
* Creating disk / partition images for data recovery
* Resume the last scan results
* Can be a WinPE bootable media
* Features pecarian data after the scanning process
* Can be used to save data from a variety of media, such as: IDE HDD, SATA HDDs, SCSI HDDs, HDD FireWire, USB HDD, external HDD, Hardware RAID, Floppy drives, USB flash drive (pendrive), Compact Flash cards, Secure Digital card , Memory card / Memory stick, Micro card, a Zip drive or IPod
* Can be installed on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7


Use this software to save data (data recovery) is quite easy. Once installed, run Data Recovery Wizard. After the show, the top will be seen how the maximum limit of data that can be saved (initially is 1 GB = 1024 MB). There are three recovery options that we can use, which is marked with a different icon or image. Here's his explanation.

1. Deleted File Recovery, select this to save the data deleted by the delete button, shift + delete or after missing from the Recycle Bin
2. Complete Recovery, select if you want to save data from things like the following:
* Data missing when format the hard drive
* Hardisk only display RAW format or as Windows often displays a message such as "Do you want to format this drive?"
* Lost data when the computer suddenly died, virus attack, software and other problematic
3. Recovery partition, use the menu to save the lost partition, missing partitions when formatting and the like


One important thing to distinguish between free and paid versions is the amount of data that can be limited to a maximum of 1 GB of recovery for all recovery. Although the software is already in the uninstall, and reinstall, rest the remaining recovery will be the same as before when it was still used. (Although with a special trick we can reset this number continues to remain one gigabyte, without needing to reinstall)

One of the tips when data recovery is going to try not to install this program on the drive to be in recovery. Then the face of limited data that can be in recovery for 1 GB of this, so be sure to prioritize recovery important data first, and the file is not very important and large in size just ignore them.

Download Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition ( 3.59 MB)


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