Knowing More Detail Specification Computer

Any component that is in our computer? Sometimes we're curious to know what more detailed specifications on the computer or laptop that we have. Although Windows already provides this feature, but the information provided is still quite short, even if there is a detail, sometimes even confusing and uninformative. One decent free alternative software we tried was the Speccy.

If we ever use CCleaner cleaning software, then the Speccy is another free software maker also made by CCleaner (Piriform). Actually quite a lot of similar software that provides detailed information on computer specifications, but speccy provide convenience and appearance are informative. So that for even a novice user, will be greatly assisted by this software.

What are the features speccy? The information provided is divided into several categories that make it easier, namely:

* Operating System
* RAM (Memory)
* Motherboard
* Graphics
* Hard disk
Optical Drives *
* Audio
* Peripheral
* Network

As we saw, Computers in general comprises several main components above, includes the Software (Operating System) and hardware (other hardware). So if we want to know more in our computer, we should understand the above information, though only in outline. If we do not want to know the details, at least, we know from the Summary display.

In addition to providing detailed information about the components above, Speccy also provide information on the temperature of several components (CPU, hard disk, graphics) with attractive animation and enough to help us find the use of resources component.
Why do we need a software like this?

Maybe some of us say that such software is only required by the technicians, admin, or computer users who are experts. But this opinion is not correct. If we have a computer / laptop, then at least we know in general these components in our laptop.

What if there will be damage, wanted to sell, upgrade, repair, or ask other things that inevitably we must know the general description of our computer specs? Therefore, a time to to know the detail or an overview of our computer specifications.
Download and Specifications

In addition to the information provided is informative, the size of the installation of this software is also relatively small. Program size is only around 1:13 installasinya MB, and can run on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64. Want to try? Please go directly to page Download Speccy


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