Know Your Location Chipset and Driver Downloads

What is Chipset and what the importance of installing Chipset drivers Computer?

The chipset is the chip (IC collection) that usually exist in the motherboard. This chipset coordinating or working relationship between the various components on the motherboard. Usually there are two chipsets on the motherboard, which is notrhbridge and southbridge.

Northbridge chipset connects components such as CPU / Processor, RAM (Memory) and VGA (graphics cards), while the southbridge connects several components such as PCI, Ethernet, USB, Audio, and others are usually slower.

Despite being one with the motherboard, chipset manufacturers are usually not the same as mothrboard. So we can download directly from the company's chipset chipset maker without knowing brand / type of motherboard. Several brands of popular chipsets are NVIDIA, AMD (ATI), VIA, SiS and Intel.

Looking at the function, if the chipset driver is not installed, usually computer performance becomes maximal, eg slow, which should support USB high speed (USB 2.0) but only supports USB 1.0, audio and other problems. If using onboard graphics card, then without the chipset drivers, graphics work will become very slow.

How to Detect Chipset Type

If we do not yet know what the drivers of your computer / laptop is used, there is some way to find out:

1. Through the manuals that are included when buying a computer
2. Look directly post / type in the motherboard / hardware, then look for information on the Internet.
3. Using the software and the best one is Everest.

Download Link Various Computer Chipset

Apart from download sites can be obtained from the motherboard makers, chipset drivers can also be obtained / downloaded from the chipset maker itself. Here's more:

In addition to its main product CPU (Processor) Intel is also popular with Chipsetnya. In addition to the three ways above, to determine the type could use the Intel chipset


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