Hard disk repair affected by Bad Sector

Bad Sector on the disk in general there are two types, ie mechanical / physical and software. Bad sectors of mechanics, namely as a data storage disc surface is physically damaged hard disk for example because scratched, exposed to dust, hard hit by conflict and so forth. While the software bad sector can occur when the hard disk is busy sudden death, current breaks and so forth.

For Bad Sector in the form of physical damage (mechanical), then it is outside this discussion, because it usually can not (very difficult) repaired. If still no guarantee it would be better exchanged for new ones. But if bad sectors in the form of software, then it might still be repaired. So the discussion here focuses only bad sector in software.

How to fix Bad Sector?
!! .. Important Information .. !

If the disk has bad sectors affected are detected, then the first step is to save important data, whether stored on another hard drive, copying to a CD or other. And before following the steps below make sure that the necessary data already in the backup.

First Step: Try to format the drive or hard drive with bad sectors have common formats, for example by right-clicking in Windows Explorer and select the format. Sometimes this can eliminate the bad sectors.

If the initial langlah is not successful then just try it some way with some free software follows:

1. Easeus Partition Manager

This free software other than beneficial to create / edit the disk partition (Partition Magic-like appearance)

Easeus Partition Manager can be downloaded / obtained from the following link (7.93 MB):
http://www.partition-tool.com/download.htm (be sure to download the Home Edition (free))

2. HDD Low Level Format Tools

With this software, then the hard drive can be formatted in depth (in term low level format). It should be noted that with the low level format, then all data on disk will be lost, and can not be in the back / on the recovery again. But this way will usually be more effective in eliminating bad sectors.

Because the hard drive will be in the format entirely, then the hard drive will be in the process should be in the format on another computer (in the loose and installed another computer). Or if there is a second hard drive in your computer, then the hard drive contains no windows can be formatted.

In addition to the hard disk (SATA IDE or SCSI), can also format the flash, flash cards and the like. HDD low level format can be obtained / downloaded from the link below:
HDD Low Level Format Tool version direct download HERE (497 KB)

3. Using the default software from the hard drive vendors.

Usually vendors such as Seagate and Western Digital, also provides software to analyze or fix a disk. For seagate hard drive, it can download tools such as Seatools for Windows or DOS. while for Western Digital can download tools "Wertern Digital Lifeguard Diagnostics."


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