Batteries handphones will not be useful if not treated

Tips on caring for batteries handphones very important because however sophisticated your handphones, and sophisticated as any software your handphones, if batereinya drop would be difficult too, even the business can be floated, gebetan can move to another heart, and conflict can occur because of minor problems during phone calls, batereinya discharged when only the cas. Consider this, if you want to tune tips please!

* If you're mengecas batteries, should be at a dead cell phone. If the phone turns will occur alternately flow in and out of that effect would be damaging molecules in the battery. This will also cause memory effect on batteries. Especially when we deduct, then the phone used to connect, it will increase the burden on chemical processes in the battery.
* Reduce accept or menelfon in the car. Because at that time he struggled to find the signal from the nearest BTS. As we move away from the BTS then at that point he tried to find the signal at the BTS closer. Activities like that that takes a sizable battery energy. Moreover, we make an internet connection is moving with high speed.
* We will charge the phone battery, you should remove it from the cell phone in leather case / holster / battery pengecasan condoms handphone because it may cause heat that might be causing your old phones and batteries decreased.
* Do it often chargering in the car. When charging the battery in the vehicle, we use a cigarette lighter as a connection. Voltage on vehicles are often not stable, so that it can lead to unstable flow into the battery. (If the Ferrari car has never nyobak yes how does he .. he)
* If the battery has more than six months, it often is cleaning the connector pins and battery with a cotton bud or tissue.
* Turn off the functions that are not important and does not need to use. For example Bluetooth, a camera is on, Vibrate, GPRS, agencies often turn led mobile phones, instant screensaver, turn backlight during the day, often sliding the lid open, and multitasking.
* Frugal when you activate the MP3, radio, Bluetooth and play games.
* Do not get into the habit maen HAPE in the bathroom asked why? and prone to fall because the water hit.
* Do not get used to putting forward a cell phone in your pocket without a rope handphones, could fall if the longer bow. Also do not be in the front pants pocket, because the expert's words, in the long term, can cause infertility and hold on .. ugh scary place where?
* Do not be too much of a video into 3gp porn, because addictive and fast battery consumption down and eventually be in charge again, though each handpone most have a certain age.


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