How to write a short article on the technique of our blog?

Technique 1. Try making a fishing article comment.
If we have quite a lot of readers, we no longer need to create the article at length. Self-three paragraphs alone, approximately 150-200 words. Fishing articles that we can usually fill in the comment topics are more trend or warm. For now, a case in point is the matter of an earthquake in Padang. Just take a somewhat controversial topic. Suppose the matter of the late earthquake relief distribution. Or topics about the Miyabi who will play the movie in Indonesia. These topics were certainly not rigid, but connect a little with the main topic of our blog. Connect the case of an earthquake with a matter of business for example, or in the case of Miyabi, take the topic of quality of my digital camera was damaged when taking pictures Maria Ozawa ... hehe, can not you?

Technique 2. Creating summaries of articles from well-known blogs.
This is what I sometimes do. Of course we often blogwalking or reading articles from the master bloggers. Well, we can draw a conclusion from those articles. Take the example of the tips on the blog. We can take away from the blog Kang Rohman, mas o-om blog or from anyone. We not want to copy-paste lo. But we will make a summary of a topic presented by the master it. Well, since this summary in nature, so .. do not need it at length.

Technique 3. Articles Videos. If Darren Rowse to make a few articles in a video, maybe it was too heavy for us, meant for me ..: D. Me, associated with the video article, we can perform the technique to make a short article by inserting a video from Youtube. Take for example, about the anti-quake houses in anticipation of an earthquake. Many lo on Youtube. Staying taken alone, his code from Youtube, then make the article. For this, we certainly do not need to explain at length, because the video has helped us.

Technique 4. Use basic methods used to make up school time. We remember, there are three parts in a presentation or article that is part of the opening, the contents and cover. Well, that could also apply on our blog. Each section, we try to direct this paragraph. Do not long-winded.

Technique 5. Writing Effective and efficient. Avoid unnecessary repetition of the sentence. Create a maximum sentence along the 1.5 line. Try also each sentence is related to the sentence before and after. Due to this, though short, readers will enjoy, because as if he had not read, but heard. That is, we heard the talk.

Techniques to write a short article in the blog above is the result of my own thoughts and other sources. Of course I am also still learning ... the point is how to make visitors blog turned into a reader. After that, subsequent to our loyal blog readers, is by subscription or to bookmark our blog. I's still wondering how to make a quality blogs like Darren Rowse


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