Alloy Hunting New BlackBerry

Recently many BlackBerry bids from operators. They sell based on the packet data service with a tempting monthly installments. Moreover there is the lure of all credit card payments. Not only operators, mobile phone shops have also started to sell BlackBerry bold after the introduction of prepaid packages offered by one operator.


For potential buyers is sometimes confusing, which want to buy. There is typically a good match and the operator is known, but the price of the package overpriced. There is also a budget there is no problem but do not know what to choose whichever service. Create a confused choosing a BlackBerry, there are a few tips on how to choose the BlackBerry device that fits with our

Select Operator

The first thing to do is choose an appropriate service for us. There are so many commercials about the BlackBerry service issued by the operator and all promise the best service. But the middle of the road sometimes we are not satisfied with the service operators. For example, a network that is less good at our place, and data services that often hangs, and other things.


In selecting the operator is a good idea considering the following matters. First, coverage. Select the operator that a good reception in which we often are, like home, office or certain areas where we are often located.

BlackBerry Bold 9000

Data Package

In addition, see also the packages offered by operators. Currently many operators who offer high-speed data packet with a relatively cheap price. On the BlackBerry, are generally offered the package already included in the monthly package, so we do not pay any more for other things.

We do not need to spend on expensive package if we do not require large data capacity such as the use of a lot of emails with attachments. For it is necessary unlimited package while simply browsing and chat then we can take the package was.

Appropriate time

There is a desperate Pingin BlackBerry today because he saw a BlackBerry ad or see her friends already use a BlackBerry. Let us check, whether we've had to have it today. Maybe next month there are operators who issued an attractive package, or you have new products ready for launch. If we hurry, there might just regret. Since the package we bought was valid for the particular contract.

Select Tools

Finally we must choose what is most appropriate series for us. Then select the appropriate model or type. It's good we did buy the most recent generation of products with new features such as embedded 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and others.


If you are a businessperson, the BlackBerry has a camera which will be the right choice. This camera is not only used as a fun but can also be used to photograph the products or places that we want to present or sent via email. BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Pearl has been equipped with cameras and could be an alternative choice.

Full QWERTY or SureType?

Qwerty keyboard

Keyboard Qwerty

BlackBerry 8800 series, 8700, and 8300 Series offers a full QWERTY keyboard while the BlackBerry Pearl type using SureType technology (there are several letters in one key). If we receive more email than to send, then it might just need a product that has a slim as the Pearl SureType keyboard. Especially for those already familiar with SMS, Pearl choice was wise.

But if we need to type email more while we are not accustomed to typing sms model faster then it is better choose the full QWERTY menu. Or if indeed we often work on documents in transit on your BlackBerry, then become a full QWERTY right choice.

For this QWERTY usually they work or typing on her BlackBerry with both hands and eyes continue to see the display. If we are not a good typist and have big fingers, like the 8800 type is more suitable because of its keyboard keys bigger than the Curve.

Additional Features

Many additional features are now immersed in a BlackBerry, such as GPS and Wi-Fi. Do we need this? For us who frequent the streets but did not know where, BlackBerry equipped with GPS built-in might be a choice, though more expensive. If there is no built-in GPS, we are still able to ria using additional GPS Bluetooth GPS is now widely available d market.

Number hotspot also makes Wi-Fi feature on hp increasingly popular nowadays, because we can access the internet for free. In addition, there are some users who prefer a certain color. BlackBerry also has prepared a special color such as titanium or red or pink marron are suitable for women.

Lastly, do not forget to ask questions to our friends who already use a BlackBerry. Service staff is also happy to offer help for us who are still clueless about computers about this BlackBerry.

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