10 Tips Before Buying a PDA

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) later often become a gadget choice among businessmen or people of high mobility. Besides can be used as a phone, this device also can function as a notebook to keep the agenda of such events, or office applications.

But there are some things to consider before you buy PDAs. Consider the mixed info from Techrepublic following:

1. Service Network
One of the first considerations before purchasing a PDA is a network service, whether operated in GSM, CDMA, EDGE, and so forth. Make sure that the device is compatible with the available network infrastructure. Especially for you who frequently travel abroad, make sure the gadget is compatible with the network service in which you reside.

2. Call Quality
Manufacturers of mobile phones and PDAs are often present many features in their products, ranging from MP3 players to streaming video and gaming. But the sound quality is often overlooked, but this is one of the main important functions for which has high mobility. Before buying a PDA, you should first check the call quality handset model you seek it.

3. Battery Age
Battery life should also be taken into consideration when going to buy a PDA / phone. How long does a standby device, especially if Bluetooth is activated.

4. Bandwidth
Not all networks offer a maximum data transmission. If you are frequently download large files via the phone, make sure you buy a compatible phone with faster data network.

5. Compatibility
Make sure your PDA can be synchronized easily with the platform and other applications.

6. Bluetooth
Keep in mind, such as Bluetooth wireless feature depends on battery life. For those of you who travel a lot, maybe you will often activate the Bluetooth to be connected wirelessly to a laptop or the internet. For that, make sure your device has Bluetooth connectivity and good battery life too long.

7. Comfort
Do not just be tempted to design a revolutionary phone. Consider also whether you are comfortable using it. For example, there are people who like to show a sliding type mobile phone keypad, but there are uncomfortable with such conditions. Some even prefer the touch screen system with a keyboard.

8. Easy On-upgrade
Limited memory is often a problem if you want to add an office application to your PDA. Make sure the PDA / phone that you buy and easy to upgrade its memory type matches with these devices, such as Mini SD, MultiMediaCard, and SD card.

9. Office Applications
Some PDAs have a long time loading his open office applications like Microsoft Office. Not all phones can view or edit Word and Excel documents, even some who can not access the PowerPoint presentation applications. To make sure that you want to buy a PDA that is compatible with your employment needs.

10.Voice Dialing and Recognition
Some existing mobile phone that offers the functionality of voice recognition and a voice dialing for easy mobile phone users accessing the required information such as contact lists with a voice call, navigating menus and so forth. This could be one consideration when buying a PDA / phone, whether you want those features?


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