Maintain Eye Health Tips While Working At Home Monitors

Computers and other equipment, such as monitors, have become common items in any office work. It is not strange if many people have to work in front of the monitor all day long. At first we might be a little worried about the effect of the computer and the monitor light emitted radiation can disrupt the body's health, especially the eyes. However, experts did not ever give up to create equipment that increasingly friendly with the environment and health.

Still, working too long in front of the monitor screen still can affect health, such as eye fatigue, back pain, shoulder and neck. Here are some tips to overcome fatigue and eye strain when working in front of the monitor. Hopefully we can keep the gift
fixed eyes, though had to work long hours.

1-Work in a fairly light room.

Notice the lighting in your workspace. Do not work in the room is too bright and dazzling. Use blinds to adjust light from the window. Place the lamp on the head. Avoid staring at the light you directly. Conversely, do not also work indoors are too dark or dim. T
ry to keep your room bright eyes Enough so that you do not work hard.
2-Use filters monitor.

To reduce the blinding rays and radiation emitted by the monitor screen, use the monitor glass filter. Talk to your computer equipment vendor to get a good filter and
capable to reduce the influence of radiation, not just dim the light of the monitor.

3-Check your monitor.

Check if your monitor is still working properly? Compare with other monitors. When a picture is looking increasingly dim, flickering or uncomfortable for your eyes, then it's time to repair or replace the monitor. Better to replace the monitor rather than letting your eyes troubled.
Frequently monitor clean of dust and dirt that annoying screen.

4-Put the paper work can be read.

If you must work with a copy or read the paper work, then put the paper work is in balance with the distance of your monitor. This is so that you do not need to go back and forth to focus the view to read your paper work, after reading on the monitor screen.

5-Note the position of the monitor.

Place the monitor screen so that an angle between 10-15 degrees from the straight line with your views. This is in addition to avoid tiring your eyes, also keeping your shoulders and neck cukupnyaman work.

5-Work with "font" that is big enough.

If you must edit the papers in front of the computer, make sure the size or "font" hurup you use big enough. Do not force your eyes to read small hurup on the monitor. Your eye is not a microscope for the writings of the screen. Use the facilities for a large increase or adjust the display picture on your monitor. When you've finished editing or reading it, you can return it to
original position fonts.

6-rest your eyes.

Relax your eyes. Do your eyes checked-checked. However, frequently flashing. This can reduce tension and keep your eyes stay moist and cool. If you are too old to see at close range, you look away toward the distant.
Do this for a Few minutes Every 30 minutes.
7-Check your glasses or contact lenses.

If you use glasses or contact lenses and you have to work all day in front of the monitor, it is better you consult your eye doctor or optical so you can get glasses that fit. Both, the size of the lens and frame. When you get tired use the spectacles. Glasses can make eyes tired. Occasionally let your eyes see the encyclopedia. However, soon you wear glasses if feels compelled to wear it. Do not force your eyes to see without the aid of your glasses.


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