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USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB is a technology that allows us to connect external devices (peripherals) such as scanners, printers, mouse, keyboard (keyboard), a data storage device (Zip drive), flash disks, digital cameras or other devices to our computers. Strongly supports the USB data transfer of 12 Mbps (million bits per second). Computer (PC) now, generally have a USB port. Typically provided at least 2 ports. When compared with the parallel port and serial port, USB port usage easier in use.

Some features USB

# Computers can be positioned to be a host
# More than 127 devices can be connected to a computer directly or using a USB hub
# USB cable that is used directly to reach 5 meters. Whereas if you use a hub device can reach 30 meters.
# USB devices are "hot swappable" means the hardware that is using the USB port is plug and play

USB cable

If opened, the USB cable will see there is 4 colors, namely red, brown, yellow and blue. Red cable and chocolate serve as power / electricity to flow. Cable yellow and blue functions to carry / transfer data.

How to Connect a USB Flash disk with a Computer

Flash disk is a device that uses a USB port to connect it to the computer. Serves as a flash disk data storage media. How to connect Flash to a computer disk is very easy. Insert the flash disk into the USB port available. If your computer using Windows XP it will automatically Flash disk will be recognized. Whereas if we use windows 98 or windows 9x then Flash is usually the driver must first install. After Flash disk we have identified can start copying data from / flash disk into our hard drives.


1. Port = a place to enter the cable / other peripherals to our computers.
2. Peripheral = devices / equipment
3. Hub = tool to connect and strengthen the signal a computer with other computers through the cable media
4. Plug and play = can immediately recognized and used by a computer
5. Flash disk = data storage using USB technology. Usually a minimum of data storage is 128 Mb.


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