Trick Tips How to take care Printers True

How to take care Printers For Not easily damaged, how to fix broken printers, printer secret to long-lasting. The existence of the printer as if it had become a package deal with a computer. Unfortunately, often the user's computer is ignoring the printer maintenance. And if the printer can not be used, performance will be not optimal.

For this reason, the printer also needs to be treated like any other electronic device to remain in good condition. Some of these tips may help you in caring for the printer easily and cheaply, among others:

1. Use the printer periodically
In order for optimum print quality, use your printer on a periodic basis at least 2-3 times a week. This will make the flow of ink from the hole remains smooth.

2. Turn off the printer when not in use
Do not forget to always turn off the printer when not in use. This will prevent the closing holes of the flow of ink in the printer head.

3. Clean the dirt is in the printer
Every one or two weeks, wash the inside of the printer. It is necessary to maintain the printer in the printing capabilities. Do not store the printer in dusty or full of insects. If necessary, a printer with plastic wrap to avoid dirt.

4. Keep cartridge conditions
Because the printer cartridge is filled with delicate electronic interface and will have an impact on the printout, cartridge always treat with caution. Including when to change ink.

5. Use Diagnostic Tools
Generally, all printers have the software on how to treat or deal with problems on the printer. Learn the software because it may provide information that can help you overcome problems in the printer.

6. Turn off the printer if it fails to print
Sometimes, failure in print can be overcome by turning off the printer, then remove the power cord. After ten minutes, insert the power cord to the socket, turn on the printer and try printing again.


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