How to Check CPU Voltage Power Supply

This article discusses how to check the power supply voltage. Power from the power supply connector, divided by the number of divide between the 12V, 5V dan3.3Volt. The easiest way is to check the output power when the power was working.

Below is a way to check power supply using a multimeter

<============ Arrangement on power supply cable ==============>

In the format of power supply is still divided between several form factors. Standard power supply ATX and BTX still using voltage as 3 parts mentioned above. Version ATX currently have version 1.3 where there is an additional SATA power to new devices such as SATA hard drives. Meanwhile, the latest form factor is the changing use of BTX and add pin AUX power play from 20pin to 24 pins. But basically remained the same where the 12V, 5V and 3.3V is the voltage used in the output voltage power

Below is a description of the power supply connector with each output voltage according to the standard ATX power supply

Power supply connector on the mainboard

3.3 volts

To check the voltage 3.3V connector 2 can be used. The first is to use the Main Connector cable. And look for Orange-colored wires with Black, Orange is 3.3V + and Black is-3.3V.

But the easiest way is to use the cable that tidka used as AUX connector, which consists of 5V + 3.3V + .3.3 V +, Com, Com, Com. Way as shown below. Where Cabel Aux connector is connected between the Plus and Minus Orange with Black to check for 3.3 Volt

Volt and 5 and 12V

To check the 12V and 5V easiest.
Use Peripheral connector cable with the color Red, Black, Black and Yellow.
To get 5V, connect the multimeter between Red with Black Plus Minus

While 12V is connected between the Yellow and Black Plus Minus

==== Toleransi power ======

Not all power will show the exact figures 12V, 5V and 3.3V. Power tolerance can be seen in the image below.

For example you have a power output of 3.45V to 3.4V or 3.3V. Output is still acceptable with a limit of tolerance. 5V to 12V and still be acceptable if not exceed 5.25V and 13V

Generally the output power supply are among the top percentage in the image above. For the best conditions, voltage 3.3V no more than 3.4V. For no more than 12V and 12.5V for more than 5V not 5.2V. Even in some of the power supply can also indicate a lower voltage but not too low if this is still acceptable from teleransi limit the percentage of power still has an adequate output.

For abnormal conditions, power supply output is above a threshold percentage, such as the image above. Too high will cause the device to be Overvoltage and gets hot, too low will also provide ketidaktabilan the CPU or hardware device.

Forward with BTX

Few reviews on BTX power. Changes in standard ATX and BTX is only the additional 4 pins. Has a 20pin ATX power while BTX has a 24pin power. Below is where the difference in power BTX mainboard power jack (no jack power connector power supply) which at the very bottom of the given color is a new addition to pin 4 on the standard BTX


Above description can give a little knowledge of how to check your power supply. That needs to remember is the power supply will not have such precise output should show the number 12.0V, 5.0V and 3.30V. Certainly there is little change in both numbers bigger and smaller. But the power output must match the terms of the tolerance limits, and does not exceed the tolerance then the power supply still has the correct output, and fit for use.

For the best conditions there is a power tests using how to check power output with no load conditions or no computer attached to the device. But there is memilh easy way to check when the power supply was connected to a PC or mainboard keperangkat. This method has good and bad effects. When the power supply checked when paired hardware will show the positive value of actual output power conditions issued by the power supply. On the other hand could power voltage below shows the number of above normal because of the burden of discharging the power supply. As long as they do not exceed the tolerance limits the output power supply can be accepted. Provided Power Off does have a power supply or power output is adequate and sufficient supply of power to the computer device.

If you wish to check the power output of power supply, should be cautious enough not to place short or the relationship between plus and minus. As usual, the risk of your hands while it is checked and must be very careful to connect the multimeter to the power supply connector.


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