BlackBerry Curve 8900 Advantages

There is already present BlackBerry Curve 8900, or more familiar called Javelin.

In general, newcomers Bold style. But the design is typical inherited Curve faces 8300. Curve 8900 is certain to have many advantages over predecessor, but there are still some weaknesses.

  1. Size medium. When inserted pocket does not seem large, but also not too small. He weighs about 110 grams, so that feels right at the time also carry.
  2. The screen is also more superior resolution 2.4-inch size HVGA + (480x360). It's just not wearing touch screen.
  3. Navigation similar to the BlackBerry the other bar types, namely usingtrack ball. Input devices are using the Qwerty keyboard that is composed of four line including spaces.
  4. To port, Javelin separating the functions of the headset port charger / transfer of data by adding a 3.5mm jack. That way, we can using alternative headset if you want clearer sound quality.
  5. Lengthwise in external speakers Under the camera lens and lighting. The sound can be set to the maximum loud and sounds pretty clear.
  6. Processor speed 512MHz. Although not the fastest, but quite capable.
  7. For data storage, available 256MB of internal memory and microSD memory slot / SDHC support up to 16GB. To replace the memory card is a bit troublesome, because it was on behind the casing. But memory has a capacity of 1GB installed in slot would be big enough.
  8. Resolution mediocre cameracourse, 3.2MP. Equipped with flash, but no mirror. The camera button located on the right body, between the volume and the charger port.
  9. For the professional orbusinessman, Javelin quite helpful, because it has a lot of job applications, either personal management applications and document maker.
  10. Fundamental weakness, Javelin was not supporting 3G. But there are facilities Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g) which can be used as an alternative Internet connection.
  11. Also available GPS facility BlackBerry maps using artificial Tele Atlas Maps and Google Maps. Only slow speed.


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