Tricks Automatic Email Answering

This trick is useful for those of you who are busy, on vacation. which in the long run can not be connected to the network could not Internet.Sering times the incoming reply message to the email address or perform notification or confirmation to the sender email.Berikut Tricks answer incoming messages to the email automatically.

1. First used to open yahoo email and log in with your favorite browser
2. Click the option that is on the right on
3. Choose Mail Option

3. After you click Mail Options, select the Vacation Response under.
4. Determine the duration of your holiday date, set according to your departure time
5. Do not forget to type the message below, then the sender will receive an e mail us
6. Enable this feature by clicking the Turn On Auto Respone

Warning: Based on my experience in the message will be sent to the sender of an email with the same answer than that then you send a message with the word word setinglah notice


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