How to Improve Harddisk

Damaged hard disk in this case caused by Bad sector. And how it can cope with the ways below, this improvement is adjusted based on the brand, and also how many bad sectors there.

  • First it we can use the command FORMAT C: / C (please adjust the position where the drive will be formatted). / C function in order to cluster damaged yangg be clean.
  • If previously we could not successfully use the Disk Manager feature that it has been used in every hard drive.
  • If the way is not successful, then we can use the Tools HDDREG, please download the tools first.
  • But if the way it still can not, please try another way, namely by way of "Low Level Format" / "Zero File".
  • If this does not also solve this problem, we try to do the cutting on the hard disk sector that has been damaged, his way of dividing it and we will not use the broken sector.

Level 2
The damage: Loss of Hard Disk and Data Partitioning. It is common damage due to viruses or errors when we use the utility program. What we need to consider when we return the hard drive partition that is gone, is the capacity of the hard disk and also kind of hard drives from its File System. Hardisk partition with a FAT File System method will be easier than with the method returned NTFS / Linux File System.

  • Please Check our first disk partition by using FDISK or usually called Disk Manager
  • And how we can restore it using Acronis Disk Director tools, Handy Recovery, or Stellar etc. Phoniex.

Level 3
In this case his usual hard disks can be detected in the BIOS but the hard disk can not be in use, there will be a computer error message when we will do POST. This keruskana FIRMWARE usually caused by a troublesome disk. This damage to his usual place on my hard drive with Maxtor brand that has a series of Gods name.

To fix it you can download the software firmware can be downloaded at the website troubled brands that drive.


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