Harddisk Bad sector

Hard disk storage media is very important to the computer. Unfortunately, the use of a limited age. Damage to the hard drive can be caused by several things. For example:

* Power supply is inadequate and damaged hard drives and motor controllers.
* Harddisk falls and mechanical damage occurs inside or at least bad sectors.
* Too often carry no safety brought to platter hard disk damaged due to excessive shocks.
* The temperature in the hot disk to disk conditions in an unstable environment.
* Condition MTBF / old hard drive, has been reached and will be damaged.

It still can be done to improve the hard disk bad sector affected is the only state where the disk is still spinning, it is still working hard disk controller. But this situation is still divided again, if you want to use the hard disk bad sector affected. Cause of bad sector problem is one of the damage that often occurs. Damage by bad sectors are distinguished by the 3 state.

* The condition where the disk platter aus. In this condition it is not hard drive can be used. More and more damaged hard disk and no longer useful to use as media storage.
* Conditions platter is worn but not yet reached a critical condition. This condition can be said is stable enough to drive. Possible hard drive can still be improved because the platter is still possible dilow level.
* Conditions platter of wear, good condition severe or mild, but there is damage in cluster 0 (the location where the disk partition information is stored). This condition does not allow disk repaired.

Discuss the state of your hard disk to be repaired only possible improvement in the condition 2, where the disk is still stable but there is minor damage in several places.


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