Install Windows XP on SATA Hard Disk (Aspire E500)

My experience of PC install acer aspire E500, before finding a key to telling my interest back and forth to the customer to try to find the problem because every PC's hard disk install is not kedeteksi and blue screen appears. Could arise this well thought her memory be a problem, when I try to replace with a new memory problems can be solved yet.

Finally, with his various reasons my PC to take home to try to manipulate utak at home. After doing meditation for 1 night I could finally the idea to ask my problem is to mbah GOOGLE. With the cleverness and lightness of the mbah day I finally found a solution from Acer Aspire E500 PC that can not be installed earlier. It turned out that the PC is if you want to install windows to use SATA DRIVERS so that it can kedeteksi HDD and can be installed windows.
To mendapatkn DRIVER Acer Aspire E500 SATA can Donwload HERE.

Driver was in the copy to a floppy, when installing windows xp installed in mid-note the lower press F6 to insert the SATA Driver, then follow the steps at the request or could also combine it with the SATA DRIVERS WINDOWS XP master progeam using nLite.
How to use you can see HERE.


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