7 How to Save Laptop Battery

Laptop battery is one of the most important components in order to use it mobile.Jika "Battery" buddy's Soak Laptop aka Aus so its use is not efficient, and its mobility will be kurang.Sekedar information only yesterday asking Battery Laptop with Brand "X" (ga want ads) on the price of 1 Juta.Berikut are some tips you can try to save Laptop Battery.
1. Dim screen
Screen / Screen is one of the power / current of the most powerful laptop batteries suck.

2. Changing power settings
If my friend using Windows Vista comes with several features that suck power large currents, which allows you to eke out for the best performance can be realized.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi
One battery is sappers wireless network capabilities specifically designed for laptops laptop.Banyak have a key function allows you to disable the wireless adapter is manual.Jika this happens, just go to Control Panel, access the Network Connections menu and disable your wireless connections manually.

4. Turn off peripherals
Using a USB peripheral can make a big drain on your system, USB Stick, mouse and webcam are common offenders, so copy all the information in the device and flows out as fast as possible, and put up with your laptop USB mouse pads songs. Many laptops have a function key to disable the built-in webcam.

5. Eject your disk drives
If my friend no longer using the USB (Flashdisk) and inserting the CD (Compact Disk) should be in the Remove / Reject to reduce the electric current expenditures.

6.Menambah some hardware that supports and can store more Old Flow
if you need to use your laptop to work all day, you will need help. Most laptop manufacturers only provide a six-cell battery, but many manufacturers offer eight-or even the optional 12-cell upgrade, which has double the power. Alternative to expensive laptop battery is a product like Philips Portable Power Pack, which will provide extra value to all hours of the device. Philips, which is a compact unit that most adapters batteries for laptops and mobile phones, portable enough to be placed in his trouser pocket pal

7. Disable
Windows Vista has some built-in feature, but a lot of electric current in a system that does not need the buddy run several applications in a simple way off bersamaan.Gunakan Windows Aero and Windows Sidebar.


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