WordPress Optimization, How To Accelerate WordPress Blog Engine

First of all have a wordpress blog with a nice engine. Hmm but slightly disappointed also because the visitor is still a little. With beberpa tricks, eventually quite rame visitors, but instead make a headache!! Visitors rame, instead making a strange dizziness ga sich? Dizziness because they can always warning of hosting server resource usage is too big.

Finally it was decided to seek totorial wordpress optimization using Multiple Search Engine (http://www.nowgoogle.com), so searching faster and more accurate. Because I'm not good at php, so the trick optimization using the plugin and simple tricks. The result is bad, and worth your try. Some tricks for wordpress optimization, as follows:

  1. Disable plugins that are considered important ga, trus delete.
  2. Delete themes that are not used.
  3. Do not store the image files on upload directory. Upload a picture / image on the posting using a free image hosting such as: http://www.imagedum.com
  4. If you use a plugin related links and the like, it will use a lot of server resources. We recommend this in the non-activate and delete.
  5. Install the plugin WP Super Chache
  6. DB Optimizer Plugin Install
  7. Install Plugin DB Cache
  8. Remove Broken link / Deadlink, check broken links in your blog using a plugin Cheker Broken Link
  9. Remove / Delete, picture or image is not used, check the unused image using the plugin DUI (Delete Unused Images)
  10. Turn off Avatar Display of menu settings> Discussion Discussion" onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor='#ebeff9'" onmouseout="this.style.backgroundColor='#fff'">
  11. Etc.
Good luck !!!!!


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