How fast Decor Beauty

Every woman would want to have a body and face beautiful and healthy. But if you do not have time to care for face and body beauty you then you should refer to a few steps below.

Dampen your face. Apply a moisturizer before you shower and let it continue until finished bathing. If you use warm water so the steam will open the pores so the moisturizer penetrate deeper.

Warm the drought. Taking a bath, body lotion containers enter into a sink of warm water. After the shower, apply a warm cream into your hands and feet.

Smooths lips. Apply lip balm several minutes before a bath. Then scrub your lips gently with a warm washcloth. This way you can lift the scales and dead skin.

Making his youth. Provide manicure treatment for smoothing the skin. Mix the sugar with a little olive oil and vanilla. Pijatkan the hands and cuticles. Then rinse under warm running water.

Scalp massage. Add a few drops of peppermint oil on a baby shampoo to refresh your scalp. Pepperminta is natural astrigent that helps regulate oil.

Clean your face thoroughly. Before washing your face, wet the washcloth with warm water. Then stick to the face for 1 minute. The heat opens the pores so they can do the cleaning at the deeper and more effective pore blockage impurities. Wash your face as usual.

Smooths the skin. Mix the salt and body cleaners or conditioners with the same ratio. Rub on the body while bathing. Rinse clean and your skin will become very smooth.

Smooths feet. Bath tub filter lid and add the powder that smooths the skin at the base of the tube. Let your feet remain submerged while you shower. Good luck.


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