Treat impotence and impotency

Impotence is another term for impotence and is one part of erectile dysfunction. This disease is really a very sad situation for men who experience it. Because he will not be able to carry out sexual activities naturally. Characteristics of impotence is not having enough stamina when coitus occurs, or sometimes his penis can not be hardened as making out or while to have sex. Marriage is not uncommon to be destroyed because of this disease.

If you are including men who have problems with impotence or impotence, you can try herbs and following a traditional recipe, God willing, within one month of your illness can be cured.

The traditional formula is:

* 15 grams pulosari.
* 2 chicken eggs, take yellow only.
* 25 grains of black pepper.
* 1 tablespoon honey original.
* 3 cloves garlic.

Pepper or black pepper, ground into a fine, and garlic ground into a fine, together with pulosari. Mix the pepper that had been ground into a powder one pulosari and garlic that have been finely ground, mix two egg yolks of chicken (chicken should be, do not chicken country), and blend until smooth, then enter that one tablespoon of honey to eat. Honey also must also have the original honey, but if no one can also use honey dates. After the mix together and eat until they run out every morning. In 1 week's time would seem the result. But this formula should be eaten every morning for a month. Completely new sexual activities could be improved as good as it deserves.


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