RECEPIES to rekindle the frigid FEMALE PASSION

If you include the wife or female frigid woman who is very difficult to reach orgasm and not feel passion when making love with you, the way below you can use:


* 10 grams of cat whiskers or remujung
* 15 grams of leaves or hoof grip / cowekan
* 20 grams of leaves Sembung
* 1 egg yolk derived chicken just

Mustache cat, handle and Sembung leaves boiled with 1 liter of water until done.

Chicken egg yolk is broken and then taken it. Inhale the chicken egg yolk in a raw state. Medicinal herbs and then cooked on the drink.

Do it this way at least a week

You need to know the cat whiskers and leaves are also believed to produce the handle urination launch and destroy the gallstones.


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