How to quickly unload password

There is a quick way through the password windows (including windows networks) when you forget the menngunakan @ stake LC4 (formerly called L0pht Crack).
LC4 able to resist your windows machine with a combination of dictionary and brute attack orang2 usil.LC4 can mengcrack almost all passwords in seconds saja.bahkan the passwords consisting of numbers and length karakter2.
As it is known password windows Nt, 2000, and XP is also stored using a password (encrypt) marks.LC4 hash hash marks could dismantle the work processes hundreds of passwords per menitnya.selanjtnya, correct password will be sent and displayed to the screen

In a company, LC4 can be used to access your PC karyawan.ia can be used to access your computer from users who forget their passwords nya.maksudnya, System Administrators can network to find weak passwords in some menit.bahkan also, sys admins can change the password in order to more secure
Ugliness this password breaker program, nosy person who can use it to kiss LC4 (Watching) from the user password2 a jaringan.bahkan, a hacker can install a primary application domain controller and the trip worth hundreds of passwords in just minutes.
Info and Download LC4beserta program evaluation version can be derived


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