Effective ways of Cervical Cancer Detection

Currently the government is promoting early detection for cervical cancer (cervix), which can be a way of VIA, Pap smear, thin prep and colposcopy. But which method is most effective for detecting cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is the presence of abnormal cell growth or cancer that occurs in the cervical area, or cervix. We have suspected cause of cervical cancer is human papilloma virus (HPV), although there are several types of HPV that infect humans and could disappear by itself.

"Let a woman checks for cervical cancer is 2 to 3 years after having sexual relations, but also recommended for those who have intercourse at all," said Dr. dr. Junita Indarti, SpOG (K) in the seminar Women Improve Quality of Life Indonesia, in Prodia Laboratory, Jakarta, Tuesday (20/10/2009).

Junita added cervical cancer does not happen just like that, but through several stages such as NIS stages 1, 2 and 3 and reached carcinoma in situ (stage zero) and then started to go into stage 1 cancer. For that many people who experience cervical cancer at age 45 to 55 years, so if someone could decide that the chain through the early detection healing process will be faster.

Here are some tests that can be done to detect cervical cancer, namely:

1. IVA inspection (visual inspection with acetic acid).
This examination by applying the cervix and then daubed with 5 percent acetic acid, wait for 3 minutes. Last seen with the naked eye if there is no change in color or white color does not appear, then the results are negative. This examination can be done in the clinic and the cost is relatively cheap at around 10 thousand to 20 thousand.

"Examination through IVA is a good sensitivity but less good for the specifications, so if for early detection can only do IVA," said Junita.

2. Pap Smear
This examination should be performed by women who have had sexual intercourse and performed regularly. How to retrieve and cervical lymph daubed on the slide and on-fixation with a certain liquid and then viewed with a microscope. Later can be seen whether the cervical cells are abnormal or not when compared with the cells of normal cervix. Cost ranges from 60 thousand to 100 thousand.

"This examination may only represent 10 percent to 20 percent of cervical cells, because there may be no teroles cells in the slide," said the doctor was 50 years.

3. Thin prep examination
This examination has a precision and higher accuracy compared with Pap smears. How to retrieve and cervical lymph dipped into the bottle containing the liquid fixation and disentrifugasi to be homogeneous, then taken a bit to daubed on the slides and performed the examination. Can diagnose pre-cancerous cells and cervical cancer cells, but the price offered is also more expensive and could reach 3 times the price of Pap smears.

"Examination by thin-prep can represent the whole of the cervical cells, so that no cells are not detected and prevent diagnostic errors," added Junita.

4. Colposcopy examination
This examination using colposcopy to see abnormalities of the cervix. This tool uses a strong beam and microscope magnification binoculars with 5 to 40 times. We have colposcopy has become the primary method of examination of cervical cancer in several European countries. This method must be performed by experts who understand. Previous medical personnel will enter the liquid to give color cervical canal, then performed the examination with colposcopy and abnormal cells will appear. These areas will be sampled to find out what the cause.

"If the previous tests gives a negative result, but the patient felt no complaints, colposcopy should be done," said Citopathology staff at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology FKUI / RSCM since 1993 this.

Junita add another way to prevent cervical cancer is to perform HPV vaccine, this vaccine is usually given at the 9-year-old woman to 26 years. However, that does not mean women who have been vaccinated do not need to do tests like pap smears. So despite being vaccinated should continue to conduct examination VIA, Pap smear, thin prep or colposcopy.

There's nothing wrong with all the tests for cervical cancer early, you can perform any checks and can be adapted to conditions in your pocket. The most important thing is prevention is better and it can only be done by early detection of cervical cancer.

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