Free Hosting Amazing?

Hmmm ... after the extinction of (for some people, including writers Laughing) present back now hosting the amazing, truly amazing ... What was the amazing look at it directly It's tempting.

Here are some pretty amazing features (for the author of course):

* 5.500 Megabytes of space
* 200.000 Megabytes of bandwidth
* Free PHP Sockets & cURL enabled
* 50 Free Add-on / Parked Domains
* 50 Free Sub domains
* 50 Free MySQL databases
* Free POP + IMAP email
* Free Custom MX records
* Free Custom CNAME records
* Free Fantastico type installer

But still such thing as free web hosting no ads, although it, although providing a large bandwidth, a lot of empty space, PHP Mysql and blah blah blah other features that will surely useless if one day can not be opened with any browser. That's free hosting. Smile. The author recommends diligent-rajinlah your important files process if stored in a file hosting absolutely essential before the data disappeared.


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