Download Free! Chrome OS Source Code

Although not yet demonstrated the OS Chrome beta, Google has released the source code is the development of the new operating system. The developers who want to taste something like what Chrome can eventually get the OS source code freely, freely downloaded and modified.

"Starting today, the code is fully opened, which means Google's developers will work with the same path with external developers," said Kris Papakipos, OS Chrome's technical director, at a news conference at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA, as reported by InfoWorld.

In its official blog, Google says there are still many things that must be refined in the development of Chrome the OS so that the open source community involvement will be a big benefit. Emphasized that the development of OS Chrome will also continue to work with projects other speerti open source GNU, Linux Kernel, Moblin, Ubuntu, and WebKit.

Chrome OS source code can be downloaded at the website Chromium project for the OS code base, user interface, and design documents. Designs that are included are still a rough sketch and Google plans to continue to complete it until ready to be released to prospective users. The software developer can even use the source code to create his own version of the operating system. Interested?


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