sign satisfied couples enjoy sex relationships

Sexual intercourse is the most fun activity for couples. Because expression of affection between the two sides turned into a pleasure and satisfaction that is unforgettable and priceless. The fact that so many express a satisfaction in sex, each pair often respond differently.

hubungan seks

According Riri and Yoez in his book? 69 Tips and Tricks Sex Enjoyment Reaching 'The following is a sign of happy couples enjoy lovemaking scenes, including :

1. Nipple harden couples
Whatever the condition if your partner was nervous or too cold, consider the nipples. When hardened especially coupled with signs such as breath up and down and took out the words like, "Yeah! Yeah! To be continued ... ... "and so forth indicate that your partner get satisfaction.

2. Express the emotional side
There are several ways to express her satisfaction like crying. Cenderungnya, according to the women, orgasm is sometimes a wave of emotion and can end in tears for example. If like this, do not worry, your spouse may have felt the pleasure and satisfaction.

3. Couple You Asleep
There are women who feel so tired with their orgasms, so need to rest for a moment to restore the condition again. If your partner experienced the same, no irritability, hug him and do something fun together.

4. Spoiled attitude
Although this does not always guarantee that your partner has reached orgasm, his desire to hug tightly and feel the warmth of your hands around the sensitive area may be a sign that the couple had just finished enjoying a pleasant experience with you.

5. Not walk
When your partner is difficult to get up and could not walk because his legs shaking after a lot of intimate relationship with you, be assured that this is one sign that you've completed the task of a good man.

6. No authority has been talking about the battle that took place
If after you have sex you do not find that power couples talk about the position you have enjoyed with him, discussing the sensation that he felt, or he was just complaining the words the same. This is a sign that he had felt a great sensation of your arms.

7. He smiled strangely at you
You must have known what he meant. There are days where your spouse does not enjoy the usual smile of habit, especially when you've just completed with great experience and he thanked you as a sign he has reached satisfaction.

7 traits may enjoy the happy couples sex or sex scenes on the still not complete because I'm sure there are many women in revealing the expression of pleasure. For those of you who want to add please use the comments page!


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