Indian Sex Technique

Various Primbon Indian Sex
Kama Sutra is not the only sex known horoscope in India. At least
there are 6 other major horoscope each Ratirahasya (Secret Love), Panchasakya (Five Arrows), Smara Pradipa (Light of Love), Ratimanjari (Crown of Love), Rasmanjari (Seeds of Love), and the Ananga Ranga (Stage of Love), also known as Kamaledhiplava name (Big Dipper in the Ocean of Love).

Ratirahasya written by a poet named Kukkoka poetry to please his master who Venudutta likely to be a king. This work only a few years ago translated into Hindi, with the author's name is written as Koka. Since then Ratirahasya also known as Koka Shastra.
Panchasakya written by Jyotirisha, a writer who specializes in the field of poetry and music. Primbon consisting of 600 poems divided into 5 chapters called Sayaka or Arrow. Smara Pradipa fruit while it is a literary poetry Gunakara pen. His work consists of 400 poems which only gives a brief explanation of the doctrine of love. Ratimanjari poem written by famous poet Jayadeva who calls himself the author of all things. However, this works quite short because it only consists of 125 poems. Rasmanjari written by a poet named Bhadunatta poetry. Works written in Sanskrit is composed of 3 chapters and did not know what was written at the time.
Ananga Ranga poem written by poet Kalyana Malla alias Kulianmull around 1172 AD as entertainment for his lord named Ladkhan (also known as Mull Ladana or Ladanaballa) son of Ahmed Lodi. Lodi family is the ruling family in Hindustan between 1450-1526. In the Ananga Ranga called termutahir sex horoscope written in Sanskrit is Kalyana Malla said that the main reason that caused the husband and wife separated, and the reason why a cheating spouse is the desire to experience a variety of different sexual sensations and the sense of monotony. In other words Ananga Ranga is aimed at sex horoscope for husband and wife who remained faithful to their partners want. Hence all stance positions in the Ananga Ranga Sex is sex position between women and men.

Tantra or Tantrism is a movement that emerged in India around 400 AD. Tantra together with two forms of Yoga is a practice done in the spiritual tradition of India. The oldest texts of the Tantric Shakta flow is said to have been written around the 7th century BC, but the tradition, even today, mostly oral. Tantra literally means "Terpintal Together" is a term that can be smoothly applied to the Hindu system of Yoga is a very exalts the principle of unity between men and women. Tantralah developments that significantly makes the discipline of Yoga poses and breathing techniques and then set in combination with sexual practices as a form of meditation, which can unite the actor with the cosmic energy or Shakti.
Around 300 years after the Kama Sutra became popular, some sex stance poses contained in the Kama Sutra and in the following re reinterpretasikan Tantric Yoga discipline. At least 5 of popular sex positions in the Tantra: Men lie, women on top, lay women, men on top, side sleeping position facing each other, a woman lying face down, the man on top, sitting position, usually facing.


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