Secret Prayer Duha

God in several verses swear by Dhuha time. In the opening letter Assyams, God says,''By the sun and by the time Dhuha.''In fact, there is a special letter in the Qur'an with Addhuha name.

At the opening, God says,''By the time Duha.''Arrazi Imam explained that God Almighty every swear by something, it shows the great things and great benefits. When God swears by Duha time, mean time Duha is a very important time. True, time Duha is a very important time. Among the Prophet Muhammad's prayer: Allahumma baarik ummatii bukuurihaa fii. That means,''O Allah grant blessing to my people in the morning.''

This shows that people are active and awake in the morning (at dawn and Duha) to worship God and make a living the honest, he will get blessing. Conversely, those who are lost in dreams and do not have time to pray Fajr on time, he missed the blessing.

Abu Dzar narrated a hadith. Rasulullah SAW said,''To every segment of the body let you dole out to him every morning. One time reading the beads (Subhan Allah) is a charity, a one-time reading Tahmid (thank God) is a charity, a one-time reading Takbir (Allahu Akbar) is a charity, was told to do good charity, and forbidding the the charity. And, all that can be replaced by two cycles Duha prayer.''(Muslim).

Aisha reported that the Prophet Muhammad always Duha prayers four cycles. In the history of Umm Hani ',''Sometimes the Prophet Muhammad Duha prayers to eight cycles.''(Muslim). Imam Imam Attirmidzi and Atthabrani narrates a hadith that explains that if a person carrying out the dawn prayer in congregation in the mosque, and he resided in the prayer until it was time Duha, then he Duha prayers, he will be rewarded as a pilgrimage and Umrah accepted. Hadith scholars recommend this hadith hasan position.

It is clear that Duha prayer is very important for the faithful. It is important not because - as many have perceived - Duha prayer has to do with the search for sustenance, but he is important because the oath of God in the Qur'an. So, really happy believers who began his morning time with Dawn prayers in congregation at the mosque, and then continued with Duha prayer.


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