Multi Orgasm How To Enjoy ..!

To be able to enjoy multiple orgasms, it is necessary first to understand the reaction cycle in sexual relations.
Leading sex researchers from the U.S., W. Master clan V Johnson, in the book Human Sexual Response, to distinguish the reaction in four phases. By knowing the reaction, each phase can be controlled as desired, including when you want to enjoy the repetitive orgasms.

The fourth phase of the sexual reaction. First, is the keterangsangan stage. Both flat stage. Third orgasm. And the fourth resolution. Perfect sexual reaction is called sexual response cycle. This reaction occurs when a person receives adequate sexual stimulation. When sexual stimulation is not enough, then the person will not experience such cycles.

Someone who experienced sexual dysfunction, will not experience this cycle despite having received adequate sexual stimulation. At each phase of sexual response cycle occurs some real changes that can be felt both physically and sexually at lata on other body parts as well as psychic. However, to discuss a multi-orgasm, orgasm phase only are the need to be specified.

Peak Enjoyment

* If an effective sexual stimulation continues, the peak was reached sexual reaction, namely an orgasm. At this time, the sexual tension is released abruptly. Physically, the orgasm is the shortest phase in the cycle of sexual response.

Usually only lasted a few seconds, which is marked by muscle spasms that are causing rhythmic strong physical sensation, followed by rapid relaxation. Rhythmic muscle spasm is not just happening in sex, but also on all other body muscles. In psychic, orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure.

In women, orgasm is marked by rhythmic spasms in the outer third of the vagina, uterus and the muscles around the anus. But, in fact the reaction is total whole body, not limited to the genitals and surrounding areas. Orgasm in women may occur many times from fixed receive adequate sexual stimulation. Because of extraordinary sensation, many who want to enjoy orgasm over and over again.

But, because there is no adequate stimulation from their partners, or can also be due to other disorders, some women only achieve orgasm at all. Were in men, because orgasm is generally accompanied by immediate ejaculation, the man also just generally having an orgasm just once.

Repeated orgasm in women is relatively easy to achieve because it takes is an increase in stimulation. The problem is so complicated for him because after ejaculation, he will enter a refractory period.

In this period. The man seemed immune to sexual stimulation, and can not achieve orgasm and ejaculation again. This refractory period took place in a variety of one man with another man. In old age, refractory period lasted longer. Refractory period was influenced by age, state of health, and sexual stimulation received.

Orgasm more than once can only be experienced by men when men are able to control so that ejaculation does not occur. So before the ejaculation, orgasm can be achieved more than once. Unfortunately the time difference between orgasm and ejaculation is difficult to identify. But the number of sex therapists believe, with enough practice, a man can feel the sensation of orgasm without ejaculation.

Without Ejaculation

* Pleasure without ejaculation is what allows him to feel an orgasm over and over again.

To the many methods that can be learned. One of them is to train the muscles pubococcygeal (PC) is essentially a muscle contracts repeatedly, as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine. (see: Siasati With Kegel Exercise).

By tightening these muscles sebanvak 10 times and 10 times mengendorkannya each day, within one to one and a half months, you will automatically be used to delay ejaculation so that orgasms can be experienced repeatedly.

Gymnastics Siasati With Kegel

* Arnold Kegel was a gynecologist who in 1950 designed a simple exercise to help a woman who had just given birth to overcome incontinence problems in a way to strengthen the bladder.

Kegel exercises consist of tightening the muscles pubococcygeal (PC) contained the bones around the waist to tail bone. You tighten your PC muscle while trying to stop the flow of urine. Once the core of Kegel exercises.

Benefits of Kegel in sex is, the muscles used to stop the flow of urine together with the necessary muscles to hold your ejaculation, allowing experienced multiple orgasms. This exercise also makes firmer erections and increased intensity of orgasm when you achieve it.

To begin to do enough exercise contraction and rapid rhythm kendorkan PC muscle for 10 times. Then contract the PC muscles and hold for 15 seconds. Multiply slowly count in a day so that you do as many as 10 sets, the contract, hold 15 seconds, then release. Then change the position of doing Kegel, such as lying or stomach.


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