Might Secret Emperor of China

Viagra Emperor of Ancient China
Love life of the emperors of China are known to have many concubines often invite
admiration as well as a question mark. What exactly do they do tricks so they can be super powerful? What are the secrets of the princess in the palace to remain charming and always look attractive in the eyes of the emperor?

In various parts of China, people familiar with the various sexual stamina enhancing drugs. It is said that the Chinese tonic herbs can make a man able to "win 100 battles in one night" and makes her partner was intoxicated 10 times in one night as well. "
An erotic novel titled Zhaoyang Qushi can at least describe the power of various Chinese herbs are powerful drugs. Once Chengdi Emperor ordered the alchemists at court to make a strong medication so that he could have sex dozens of times in one night with two brothers favorite concubine Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede. Who would have thought Zhao Hede no less clever. He concocted seven kinds of basic materials that are mixed into the food and beverage Emperor Chengdi. Consequently Emperor Chengdi be exhausted until the heart failure and died.
Among the various drugs have strong China-style pills Jinqiang Budaowan or "Golden Spear Pil not Ever Fall Down" which is said to prolong ejaculation as long as possible. There also Yiduosan powder that makes people so young and stay strong. Anything else the drug Changyinfang "length" which is said to extend and enlarge the size.

For a woman who can overcome Yue frigidity. The women's palace was supposedly due to fake virginity vagina using fasteners called Zhaiyinfang.
As good as any powerful drug which is told in the story, experts Traditional Chinese Medicine these days just do not recommend the indiscriminate taking of traditional Chinese tonic without guidance from an expert. There are certain contents of the drugs that are claimed as a powerful drug that is very dangerous to the health of the wearer. Apparently the story of the death of Emperor Han Chengdi can be made from this model.


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