how to make fresh air around the house

Plants proved to have a very important function, namely to produce oxygen
that are directly used by humans. In addition, some plant species also have 'special abilities' such as:

  1. reduce pollution,
  2. inhale cigarette smoke,
  3. bring butterflies to help the process of pollination,
  4. has a water absorption eminence, can draw water land so close to the surface,
  5. help save underground water, etc..

The human need is about 2.9 kg O2/hari or approximately 0.12 kg O2/jam. So if the
we stayed home 4 people, sought a minimum of 4 plant shrubs or trees 1.

In general, plants that need lots of water when he first planted, because
at the time the plants are adapted
with the new environment. But at its root is able to penetrate the soil,
watering can be reduced. Especially if the plants are planted in the ground
(not in pots). The best watering time is 9 o'clock in the morning or afternoon after 16 hours, so that evaporation can be minimized.

We recommend that the difficulty for local water is not recommended to plant species of palm-paleman (Palmae), because these plants need water every day an average of 60 liters. But there are also plants that have the ability to "raise" the ground water Gayam tree (Inocarpus edulis).

Plants Perdu / Shrubs (Shrubs) which can reduce pollution include bougainvillea (Bougainvillea sp), Codiaeum variegatum (Codiaeum
variegatum), Nusa Indah (Mussaenda sp), Sri Rejeki (Aglaonema sp), Taiwan Beauty (Cuphea sp). The types of this plant is a plant that is not difficult to treat.

Specifications 'is not difficult to care' is a good plant growth, these plants do not require fertilizer, do not have to
trimmed every 2 weeks, not easily affected by the disease and only requires water for growth.

Which can reduce the (polluted) cigarette smoke
example swordsman (Sansiviera sp), Katis Frog (Sansiviera trifasciata), or other type of succulent plants. The plant is also quite effective
function when placed in the room (indoor plants).

The types of plants that can bring
mainly insects, flowering plants. For example:
  • Lantana (Lantana camara)
  • Impatiens balsamina (impatiens balsamina)
  • Cosmos (Cosmos sp)
  • jasmine (Jasminum sambac)
  • Glass Plate (Gardenia augusta)
  • Soka (Ixora sp)
  • Silk Bombay (Portulaca grandiflora)
  • Batavia (Jatropha pandurifolia)
  • Nusa Indah (Mussaenda sp)
  • Onion-bawangan (Zephyrantes pintoii)
  • Mandevilla (Mandevillae sp)
  • oleander (Nerium oleander)
  • Tread Dara (Vinca rossae)
  • Shoes Flower (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)
  • etc.

Want to search for plants that bring birds?
Usually plants (mainly trees or shrubs) propertied fruit or flowers. For example Flamboyan (Delonix regia), Dadap Red (Erythrina crystagelli), butterfly flower (Bauhinia purpurea), Bottle Brush (Callistemon speciosa), Cambodia (Plumeria sp), Trembesi (Samanea saman), Lagerstroemia (Lagerstromia loudonii), etc..

'Gardening' good not only know the type of plants. But we also need to study the habitat of the plant life. For example most of the flowering plants that can not be 'pretty' in place of the shaded (shade / shade). Even if can live, typically do not bloom.

If you've mastered the plant habitat,
The next step lived determine composition of plants. It is also influenced by shape and position of house house.
Plants can be composed on the basis low high strata plant (tall plants in back and lower plants in the front), texture (shape) and color of plant leaves, flowers or leaves.
So, the park is only 2 x 3 m2 can be a park that has a value function and optimal aesthetics.


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