How to Protect Flash Disk from Viruses

In general, viruses are spread by various means and media, one of the spread and transmission of the virus through the medium of flash disks. Usually the virus during tercopy data transfer process from an infected computer, but the more dangerous viruses that can grow the virus and infect files on the flash disk files and also create auto run files on the flash disk. Hence, in the flash disk dicolokin or connected to another pc virus capable of running the action because of this auto run file. Among other viruses that end - the end of this deployment method create a scene that way, like a virus Shortcut (harry Potter virus), virus Conficker and many other viruses that spread using this auto run.
Here One way of prevention in order to avoid flash disk is infected with the virus by use of one facility-made portable anti-virus anti-virus that Indonesia SmadAV.

One of the facilities provided are anti-virus SmadAV Smad-Lock facility. With this Lock Smad So the virus is almost impossible to penetrate and infect the Flash Disk and files on the flash disk.
Why is that? Smad-Lock SmadAV will create a folder Smad-Lock Δ Δ and folders strongly protected autorun.inf in flash disk. Thus the virus will not be able to go and not be able to make a file to replace the auto run or auto run mereplace files created by Smad-Lock SmadAV this.

Here are the steps to activate the Smad SmadAV Lock:

  1. Portable anti-virus download SmadAV on the official website SmadAV
  2. Extrac and Run anti-virus SmadAV
  3. Select No if there is no facility to run a real-time protection.
  4. Click the tools menu and select the menu Smad Lock.
  5. In his drive list select and mark your flash disk and then click Lock the menu

After this run automatically on the Flash disk will have a folder with the name of Smad-Lock Δ and Δ run.inf auto file (hidden file folder).

Important tips for Flash Disk and computer protected from viruses:
  • Keep all your files in the folder Smad-Lock Δ Δ. And do not delete the folder merename or Smad-Lock Δ and Δ autorun.inf file (hidden with a picture of a lock) which is on your flash disk is.
  • If you are going to open or run the files on your flash disk you first remove your files from a folder Smad-Lock Δ Δ, because the file can not run while on the folder Smad-Lock Δ Δ.
  • Turn off Auto Run menu on your computer. This way to prevent us from computer viruses that use the method auto run.
  • Turning off Auto Run On Computer: Sign the menu Run>>> type gpedit.msc>>> enter>> Click computer menu configuration>>> Administrative templates>>> System>>> Double click on Turn Off Autoplay>>> Select enable and turn off auto play on : all drives>>> Apply>> OK

* Click menu User configuration> Administrative templates>>> System>>> Double click on Turn Off Autoplay>>> Select enable and turn off auto play on: all drives>>> Apply>> OK


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