How To Add Weight for The Skinny

Sometimes be "too thin" can be very difficult as halnnya problem becomes "too fat". This is due to weight and body shape affects changes in lifestyle, including diet, stretching, and behaviors that support the body's health.

In addition, hereditary factors also affect body shape and weight. If your parents and relatives a slim majority, then you will tend to be slim, too. Another thing to note is your view of the thin, whether you because it's true skinny underweight or just simply feel you look too thin. Consultation with the doctor, you will be given targets to be achieved and some tips on running.

If you want to increase your weight, eat menandung food grains, vegetables, fruits, food products are low in fat, protein foods (fish, beans, and peas)
You also need to add fat and sugar for extra kalorimu diet. When you add fat, choose fats in nuts and oils. When adding sugar, sweet foods pili that contain nutrients such as muffins, yogurt, fruit pies, and juice.

Eat three meals a day plus a snack at the drive it will add calories to promote weight loss. You do not need protein drinks or shakes that increase body weight. But can he do this if you feel you could eat anything you want.
If you have an ideal weight and still want to gain weight, do exercise that can develop muscle mass and enhance weight loss. Regular exercise is good for overall health.

Develop training programs that cover keselurahan muscle groups in your body / the proper technique is key. Select a heavy load and do reps of 15-20 times in the early days of training. After more and more regular exercise, try doing a set with 12 times repetition for three times a week.
Remember, changes in weight and body shape takes time. If you want a specific diet and focus on increasing body weight, consult a specialist diet. In addition, use of personal trainers in each training to get the maximum direction.


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