Dr. Naek L. Tobing (Jakarta)

"In sex he argued, must consider two important points, that is flattery, and when did that relationship. But not that easy to have sex that can reach peak enjoyment. According to him, from approximately 40-50% patients admitted couples never get satisfaction. .. "

Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha, Sp.OG, MARS (Jakarta)

"Women can only achieve sexual satisfaction if his partner can give comfort during intercourse is. Factor emotion, enough foreplay and intimate feel that is more important than the mere style and technique ..."

Prof. Dr. dr. Wimpie Pangkahila, SpAnd, FAACS (Bali)

"If your partner has erectile dysfunction, then you and your partner will have trouble achieving sexual satisfaction. This is the reason that many women feel ... Only 33% of men who were satisfied with erection hardness levels. While as many as 67% admitted they were not always able to achieve erection. More and more men who are not able to erect with the more up to the woman who feels no satisfaction taste ...."

Dr. Dicky Mochamad Rizal, MKes, SpAnd (Yogyakarta)

"Many women who experience sexual dissatisfaction problems, because it also depends on satisfaction of erection. Unfortunately, some couples, especially men often use strong drugs are sold freely. But sexual problems and erectile dysfunction is a problem that must be sought primary cause .."

Dr.dr. Jewish Winarso, M. Kes, SpAnd (Surabaya)

"The women do not feel sexual satisfaction in the first five years of marriage. There are many factors. Women are still conditioned the culture of shame, fear, fear and the like. After five years of a second before the other problems arise, among them her husband had erectile problems, which made him unable to do an optimal penetration. This is the cause of dissatisfaction and his own partner ... "

When the clitoris and vagina tight squeeze ... Female Orgasm!

Picture above form and Clitoris Vagina When: Normal, stimulated, Orgasm

Discussing about female orgasm is a quite interesting discussion. How the process is achieved and what happens during orgasm women who can only feel it. But in this context we try to share with you about what and how it happened, and orgasm is felt as a sensation of great pleasure.

In the early stages of stimulation occurred in the vaginal lubrication as a result of the vaginal wall vasocongestin. Liquid humid "seeps" from the wall of the vagina as a result of increased blood driven to it [see image at bottom]. This process is called "Transudation". Small droplets of liquid moisture in the vagina is formed as a result of this seepage. Liquid droplets are collected together and flow out of the vagina, causing the vulva become moist. The number, thickness, and the smell of female vaginal lubrication varies among women with each other, and with the same woman depending on many factors, including menstrual conditions, and what she eats.

The existence of vaginal lubrication does not signify that a woman is really ready to have intercourse, nor does the lack of lubrication indicated he did not sexually aroused. Some women produce less fluid, and requires the use of moist water-based lubricants, like KY Jelly. (The use of lubricants with a petroleum base materials can cause vaginal infections).

While it is perfectly normal or temporary, if you are having problems with vaginal dryness during intercourse, consult your doctor. Other women who produce so much fluid soaking wet, so they all, which can be embarrassing at the time it happened in public places. It is also normal, and this is just the result of variations in a woman's body.

During orgasm a woman can experience:

- Rhythmic muscle contractions occur in the 1 / 3 the outermost of the vagina [see image below], the uterus (womb), and anus. The first muscle contractions are very strong, and occurred at a slightly faster or about 1 second (0.8 seconds). As the orgasm continues, the contractions become less intense and occur at less frequent rate. A mild orgasm may have 3-5 contractions [rate], has a strong orgasm contractions 10-15 [pulse].

- Sex flush occurs even more clearly and cover a larger body.

- Clitoris disappeared since attracted upwards from clitoral orgasm contractions

- The muscles throughout the body contract during orgasm, not only in the pelvic region (pelvis).

- Orgasm also play a role in the brain, as indicated by the manipulation of brain waves.

- Some women will remove or spraying fluid from their urethra during orgasm. This is often called female ejaculation. While analysts are still finding out whether it is issued by urine or female ejaculation, the fluid source is not very important, the women often reported having a very strong orgasms when it occurs. That's all really are the ways, the pleasure of women. No one questions male ejaculation, even if it was so dirty smell.

ORGASM; Clitoris up + movements in the vagina bumpy

- Myotonia certainly changed throughout the body, especially in the face, hands, and feet. Expression of a woman's face indicates that she felt sick when she is having a nice orgasm [smirking or grinning horse]

- At the peak of orgasm the entire body becomes rigid in an instant.

The women who have never experienced an orgasm, and the women who are not sure if they have experienced it often asked, "What is an orgasm?" It is difficult, not impossible, question to be answered. Just imagine trying to explain to you what an orgasm is a sneeze or a yawn.

Not an easy thing to do how we feel and brain interpret physical stimuli is subjective, it depends solely on the views of each individual. While we can measure the physical rangsangn, we can not measure how a person feel.

Even if a woman is connected with control devices when he had 15 great orgasmic contractions over a period of 10 seconds each time, how do we know she experienced it more powerful than any other woman who just had a 5 contraction orgasm from the last 4 seconds? Women who experience orgasm 10 second orgasm want to know why so weak! If a woman has experienced some form of nerve damage, she became unable to say if she had an orgasm or not.

The following is a description (description) of the Masters and Johnson about orgasms women: "Women often describe the sensation of an orgasm in the beginning with a tense moment, quickly followed by an intense unpleasant feeling (great) which usually begins at the clitoris (clit ) and quickly spread throughout the pelvis.

A woman having an orgasm totally differently if her vagina is empty than when a penis or hand is inserted. He became more aware of her vaginal contractions when her vagina has something tucks, or the vagina itself is empty and contraction. The women have an orgasm in your whole body, clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, and orgasm uterine. While the electronic media and say that everything is equal, the women will ask to be distinguished.

Arousal: enlarged clitoris, there is lubrication in the vagina

Physical sensations of the genitals are often described as warm, exciting or scandalous, and it is usually contracted muscles in their vagina or lower pelvic region, often described as throbbing in the pelvis. So please feel alone when you're having it all means your partner has an orgasm!

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