How to Overcome Early Ejaculation and Weak: lust (Impotence)

In science Seksologi, note that the growth of sex organs in men completed after the end of the back. Male organ penis growth ended because of muscle and blood cells are formed by prime.

So it is theoretically very difficult enlargement, especially with the way massage. This was confirmed by Dr. B. Harjono Djatioetomo, M. Kes, Sp. And.

It was explained that penis enlargement can only be done as a child, age two or three years, in a way so that the injected hormone testosterone increase penis size and great length increases.

Doctor Harjono added, premature ejaculation treatment by the psychic's hard to believe, because it is not rational and can not be proved scientifically, until its validity is questionable.

"Is it true that premature ejaculation can be overcome by massaging or rubbing the oil on the penis? Premature ejaculation can indeed be overcome, the way drugs are medically proven and there is proof, "he said.

According to Harjono, a psychic does not have the level of success that can be studied scientifically.

In medical testing below 30% can not be said successful. How treatment that has not been observed could be said right?

Not only that. Treatment always deny the paranormal side effects. Yet each drug or treatment would have side effects.

Head Fertility Center explains, premature ejaculation can be overcome with the pattern of the game.

It must be realized that the woman's difficult to orgasm. Therefore, there must be a long foreplay, up 80%, then the woman orgasm. Sought a balance between women and men. Male masculinity itself is relative, depending on the assessment of the couple.

In sex there are two types of women, first, last, second, quick orgasm. For women who orgasm fast, two or three minutes of contact with the couple, ejaculation has occurred. The woman will say that the powerful partner.

Harjono said, is not difficult to overcome premature ejaculation. Without taking any medication can be done.

First, practice sex.

  1. Exercise can be done every day, because people who experience premature ejaculation in intercourse did not exertion
  2. Improve self-confidence, believing in the might of self.
  3. Ask for help couples. Wife tells the places easily aroused in him.
  4. Change positions frequently. While looking for the most favored position pairs.
Fifth, Stop and Go. Resist the urge to taste ejaculation penis missing. Sixth Squez, pressing head of the penis until ejaculation feeling lost, too. After that go back to having sex


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