How to get a baby boy or girl

Male or female alike. The words we often hear from couples who were waiting for the baby. But sometimes in their hearts, there is a desire that can not be denied that they had a hope that children born to women or men. Can a child born we designed as male or female? Can!

The first attempt to do, of course, pray and ask him directly to the Creator of Life. Alternatively, effort-effort that can be lawful and we can do.

Any times ejaculation, normal male sperm spend 2 to 5 sprays. In the duration, the sperm produced approximately 2 to 5 cc. Normal sperm per cc containing 60 to 200 million spermatozoa. So every man ejaculated, 120 to 1 billion sperm has been removed from his body.

As we know, the sperm are two genes. Androsperma which is also called Y and Gynosperma genes that can be called gene X. Gen Y is the gene that allows us a pregnant mother's daughter, whereas the gene X is the opposite. If the husband and wife are equally dominant X gene was then most likely, both will have a daughter. But if the father dominant gene Y and X genes of the mother is likely to be born child is male. Nevertheless, it is logical calculus that never beat the wonders of nature and power of God.

How to calculate the time of ovulation or peak fertility period of a woman:

Given the net early date a woman each month, for example, each dated 05.

Given the date of the end of the net of a woman every month, for example, each dated 27.

Formula: ((date each month) - (date of each month)) / 2 = n;

then n + net early date of a woman = time of ovulation or peak fertility period of a woman


(27 to 05) / 2 = 11; 05 + 11 = 16 - 16 every day to clean from the start of a woman is the culmination of a fertile period or ovulation women

Spermatozoa characteristics:

Androsperma, bringing Gen Y:

- Moving more slowly.

- Better able to survive much longer (the average age of approximately 2 to 3 days).

- More help in 'atmosphere' acid.

- Can not stand the 'atmosphere' bases.

- Own Weight Type (BJ) lighter.

Gynosperma, carrying the gene X:

- Moving more nimble.

- Life is short (average age of approximately 1 day course)

- Can not stand the 'atmosphere' acid.

- More help in 'atmosphere' bases.

- Own Weight Type (BJ) is more severe.

If Want Boys. If you are a couple who want to want a baby boy, there are tips from the results of a study that you can do. First, you should have intercourse at the time or the day before ovulation. Ovulation is the release of eggs from the ovary in a woman's womb.

The next way is to moisten the vagina by a liter of water has been mixed first with 2 (two) tablespoons of baking soda. Besides eating seafood and meat is also very helpful in this process. And most important of a series of efforts over the, the husband's sperm must be issued as close as possible to the mouth of the uterus. This is expected to accelerate Gynosperma traveled an egg.

If Want Daughter. If you are a couple who wanted a girl, there are a few tips you can do. One look in your intimate relationships schedules. Perform an intimate relationship 2 days to 3 days before ovulation. The next step, before intercourse, the wife could wash the vagina with one liter of water mixed with one tablespoon of vinegar.

The solution is not harmful. Acid in vinegar is useful for disabling Androsperma a large role to form male genes. In addition the candidate should spend the father's sperm is not like the way the above, but rather take the distance to the mouth of the uterus. This allows for a baby girl. Consuming acidic foods such as yogurt, fruit with a sour taste, fresh vegetables and beans also help the process.

But once again do not forget, people trying to eke that God has a plan


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