Hardisk partition using Win XP Default facilities Share

Partition Hard Drive may not be familiar to us are often mengoprek computer. Most of us repartition the hard drive through dos in windows 1998 with the command "fdisk" and partition when installing Windows XP via a Bootable CD. Actually there are many more ways we can partition the hard drive partition with the help try eg partision Utillity like Magic etc. But you know that Windows XP also provides the facility for partitioning that can be utilized. following way.

- Open the Control Panel menu
- Sign in Computer Management
- Select Disk Management or may also be a way
- Click the Star menu, Run_diskmgmt.msc

For the newly installed hard drive will be marked with a "data stronge one" and so forth. To create a partition select "new partition" and then you select which one will be used as a primary and extended partition and the total capacity.


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