Similar to Motorola's Android Blackberry Hp Charm

Motorola Charm gives a new style design of Motorola phones that are usually sized like a Droid with a slider or a full touch-screen only. This time, Motorola provides the style sense of Blackberry for Motorola cell phone design Charm, and to continue to use this phone operating system Android is 2.1 with MOTOBLUR namely artificial Motorola User Interface layer.

With the new version MOTOBLUR, the user can change the size of the widgets on the main screen and there are seven screens front page that we can manage. Indeed the most interesting part of Motorola's Charm is a design with a QWERTY keyboard below the screen is almost the same as the Blackberry models. Indeed Motorola is aggressively launching new products based on Android because it is by relying on Motorola's Android then managed to lift its earnings again.


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