How To Unlock Siemens SX66 Easily Within 1 Minute

When people imagined having a small computer in their pocket that can also make calls and send text messages, Siemens delivered. The Siemens SX66 provides exactly what people imagined, the ability to communicate and take their work wherever they go. Mobile phones have come a long way and more people are living a digital lifestyle. The Siemens SX66 have all the functions of a mobile phone and a pocket PC. It fits right in your hand and you can easily store it in your shirt pocket. When you purchase a Siemens SX66 from a mobile phone service provider you won’t be able to use services from another company.

The mobile phone is locked-in with the service provider and the phone will not recognize Sim cards from other companies. If you travel a lot to different countries you want to be able to use your Siemens SX66 wherever you go. You need to find a way to unlock the mobile phone to be free to use any service provider you choose. This can easily be done if you follow the simple steps below.

1. The Siemens SX66 features

The common mobile phone functions can be found on the Siemens SX66 such as messaging and voice calls. The messaging features on the mobile phone allow you to make SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging and Email. You can surf the Internet using the WiFi 802.11b WLAN feature on the phone that can pick up available WiFi signals. The mobile phone can connect and share data with other phones and computers through Bluetooth, Infrared port and USB. An extended storage option is available with the SDIO/MMC card slot feature. What makes this phone special is that it has a Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. You can use various office applications
on the mobile phone to make documents and presentations. You can be out of the office but still be able to work from anywhere.

2. Download xdadev_all_unlock-v1.5

On your PC, use your browser to locate the xdadev_all_unlock-v1.5 file. This program will help you unlock your Siemens SX66 so you can use it with a Sim card from a different service provider. You will come across various websites that share this installation file. Download the file from the website and save it on your Desktop.

3. Install xdadev_all_unlock-v1.5

You now need to transfer or copy the xdadev_all_unlock-v1.5 installation file to your Siemens SX 66. There are several ways to do this because there are various ways you can connect your mobile phone to the PC. You can copy the file to an SD card and put in the mobile phone’s card slot. You can also connect your Siemens SX66 to the PC using a USB cord and then copy the file to the phone. If you have Bluetooth or infrared capabilities on your PC or laptop, you may also transfer the file through those options. Once you have the xdadev_all_unlock-v1.5 file on your mobile phone you can install it on the phone. Tap the file to start the installation process. Observe the process on the display and wait for it to finish. You will get a notification telling you the Siemens SX66 is now unlocked.

Unlocking your Siemens SX66 if fairly easy and you can complete the task in a minute or less. You can now use a different service provider on the Siemens SX66.



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