Tips for Choosing a quality Handycam

Currently we can not arbitrarily choose the camcorder, because in the shops now are plenty of different types of camcorders that have various features and advantages of each, so when we want to buy, we should be observant to select and view some of the most important factor in handycam as follows:

1. Dimensions: Size camcorder worth noting. Class modern compact camcorder is certainly more convenient if only operated with one hand. Only the smaller, electronic structure inside the rumit.Resolusi: Usually referred to as pixel density. Vendors say how big mega pixel Camcorder with pixels, like the 0.8 MP. The more his increasingly high-quality pixel output is also generated. This applies only to images Images, are for the video resolution is smaller than listed.

2. Lens / Zoom: Pay attention to optical lens, a great camcorder has an optical lens which physically looks great. Noteworthy is the ability Optical Zoom, Optical Zoom sure enough when necessary above 10X. Digital zoom is not too important. Select a lens from Carl Zeiss, Dicomar, Canon.
3. Stabilisers Video: This function must be on a camcorder. In the Sony brand is known as Steady shot, on the Panasonic is known by the name or Picture Stabilizer.Layar Image Stabilizer LCD: LCD screen should select a fairly large, about 2.5 ". But keep in mind is the size of the LCD screen associated with waste batteries.
4. Media Storage: Media record video / photo of the most ideal is the union between MiniDV and memory card (SD / MMC). For now there are using DVD or hard disk, this is even better.
5. Battery: Battery with large ampere increasingly tough. Good batteries at least strong enough to record a video at least 2 hours with the LCD screen alive.


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