tips on playing Pet Society

Pet Society game is very well known in the facebook and has many fans, especially from women. Somehow my friends who were even more fond of law and in fact virtually maniac "no day without a pet society"
Are you a fan games including one of the pet and want to know the secret society as well as tips and tricks to play? let us into the discussion. This society played a pet tips I got from the experience and various sources of forums and blogs.

How to get more coins + paw points
-Give dining, entertaining, and bathe your pet

-Give dining, entertaining, and bathe the pet friend

-Give a gift to your pet friend (paw points)

-Win all thropies

Visit all your pet-friend
friends to 1-49 + 5 = 20 coins paw points / friends
friends to 50-74 = 10 coins + 5 paw points / friends
friends to the 75-coin onwards = 5 + 5 paw points / friends
* Let me just quickly plih hug

examples of 100 pet visit
49 x 20 = 980 coin coin
25 x 10 = 250 coin coin
26 x 5 = 130 coin coin
---------------------- +
Total who didapet = 1360 coins + 500 paw points
(The status of requests in reset at 7am pm)

-Follow all the race in the stadium and try to win (10 races)
Champion 1 = 30 coin and 20 paw
champion 2 = 0 coin and 10 paw
champion 3 = 0 coin and five paw
Not recommended for the bet (as determined by random winner is not based on level)

-The streets outside and past the trees there are usually coins (if you diligently go ahead), but unfortunately only a small value

-Invite other friends to play pet society (plus a lot of friends added a lot that can be visited)

-Add the people on facebook who play pet society (ga even know .. hehehe)

Most good-have a friend who did not take care of your pet, because if your pet is a chance we take care of displaced in order to get coins and paw points higher

Visit pet-friends that are not dealt with and bathe, feed, and entertain in order to get points, please get out of the pet society (eg the home) and came back again to pet society pet to visit a friend who had been re-visited (many times). Even if you take care of your pet friends already (bathing, entertaining, and berries to eat) but the server log only records the society pet from the pet owner and the status bar will not change (when the hunger still hungry).


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