How to satisfy a woman in the 10th minute

Maybe it is the idea that men who can satisfy a woman will be the ideal man and will always say yes when you ask her lover to do the biological matter.

You must know step2 women need to get to the seventh heaven not only by stimulating the G Spot and you do not need to do it forever and a till three hours just need 10 minutes Couples Will Be flew to the sky n without ML.

Following this step :

First minute: stroked his head with both hands caress you and navigate from the forehead to the neck and try to touch your index finger behind the ear behind the ear girl because a girl is one of the sensitive woman.

Second minutes: kiss his face with the launch of the forehead and susuri slowly headed toward the eye and nose and do not directly try to kiss her lips kissed the corner of his mouth first so the lip woman will feel curious to directly kiss and this makes the woman's heart began to beat a little faster.

Third minutes: use your tongue to do the stimulus in the back of your partner's ear and you breathe a breath of light occasionally burrow into telingannya and whisper that you love her.

Fourth minutes: please switch your kiss to his neck and use a little kiss and if he asks to make a hickey to do it gently. but do it gently lick more intimate.

Fifth minutes: your kisses down his chest and ekslorasi toward the chest to the side of the breast and do not always touch side of the breast because the breast is also a sensitive part of women.

Sixth minutes: Start your kiss point to the breasts but do not direct it to the hilt to do rounds of the outer breast toward keputingnya and do turns and this will make it a curious and increased heartbeat.

Sevent minutes: Start your tongue down toward the hole in her stomach and gently lick her navel and your spouse will get incredible stimulation.

Eight minutes: now use your tongues to start attacking the thighs and your hands can play a feather in the vagina it can be more stimulating for the woman.

Nine minutes: do the stimulus to the outside of the vagina by way of licking pussy lips and a small bulge located at the bottom that will make her happy and get a high-level stimulation.

Ten minutes: and the last insert your tongue into her vagina hole
and jilatlah slowly and snacks with your lips puff out and lick the top of the vagina and eventually the woman will go to the seventh heaven without your doing ML.


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