How to Overcoming fever

The high temperature is not always a sign that something is wrong. Although the temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is considered normal, many people who remain healthy despite his temperature level above the average temperature. Even so, in general, anyone who has oral temperature of more than 99 degrees F may be suffering from fever,

However, body temperature is always fluctuating or rising and falling, the temperature usually reaches its lowest point in time in the morning and highest in the afternoon or evening. Type of thermometer that you use to measure body temperature also makes a difference. Rectal thermometer is usually much more accurate and higher than the thermometer reading orally.

Taking body temperature in the mouth after you drink hot coffee, soup or the bias misleading nkarena you tend to think a fever compared to in normal circumstances (no drinking beforehand). Other factors that usually affect your body temperature, among others:

  • Wearing too many clothes (if nYou excessive in clothes to raise body temperature)
  • Sports
  • The climate is hot or humid
  • Hormones (progesterone high level of bias to increase the temperature, so the lower a woman's body temperature is increased following ovulation)
If you got rid of factors that allegedly misleading diagnosis and AndaAnda temperature range 99 degrees F, you certainly have a fever.

Contact your doctor if the fever:
  • Attacking children aged under six months.
  • In case of a child, when the temperature exceeds 101 degrees F orally or by rectal a02 degrees F and this figure does not go down within 48 hours after the efforts made to reduce fever.
  • Taking place four or five days (especially in the case of adults)
  • Along with other symptoms, such as stiff neck, sore throat, continuous diarrhea, cough, vomit, lethargic or earache.
Fever is usually less than 104 degrees F is not harmful and tidaj require special care. But if the fever is making you uncomfortable or remain high, more than 104 degrees F for long periods of time, you must be careful. To reduce fever:
  • Drink fruit juice, water and other fluids complement
  • The bath and body wash with a sponge with the water temperature lukewarm (about 70 degrees F).
  • Do not wrap themselves in layers of blankets or thick clothing
  • Avoid excessive exercise


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