How to change the background on the Windows Explorer toolbar

Actually already many programs for

Actually had a lot of programs to change the registry of windows in terms of changing a Windows Explorer toolbar.

But here I will clarify how to change the background Windows Explorer toolbar with a manual method, which we entered into the registry of a windows and immediately change the settings with the image we want. Same conditions required of a manual with an instant, which both use a picture that uses extension *. BMP (Bitmap)

Oks, now we start.

  1. The first computer that will definitely have to change is alive !!!!!
  2. Click the start button with your mouse
  3. Select the run type REGEDIT then OK
  4. You would have met a lot of the writing box. Just click the plus sign on MY COMPUTER
  5. Click again on the positive signs continue to select HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE MICROSOFT continue to select and hold select INTERNET EXPLORER TOOLBAR continue to choose the latter.
  6. Do not feel we have reached the toolbar ........ then on the right line on the toolbar to use the mouse right click, hold select NEW STRING VALUE and will continue to appear New Value, rename it first became BACKBITMAP can just click. There is a dialogue, set the Value Data box, where the layout of the image file to be installed is located. Example E: \ Mypicture \ dewapelangi \ abc.bmp when I press OK.
  7. Have changed ???????? Surely .... Restart the first, if you want a little bit faster at log off course.
  8. Enjoy it ... ....


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