How to fix the flash is broken (70% succeeded in providing flash terdetect by SO Windows)

Departure from personal experience and friends who often experience problems with your USB stick that can not be formatted or file system is RAW format I tried to find a way / tool for powerful flash-flash to fix the damage. At first I recommend using the HP Drive Key Boot, HDD Low Level Format tool and format of the other tools that many recommended on websites or blogs, but tools are not "sepamungkas" which is expected because only in some cases only tool damage it can perform its functions in repairing the damaged flash.

And finally ... after struggling to find and search finally I get a tool that can help me fix a damaged flash-flash it. Tool "ultimate" it's called repair.exe with version Indeed, not all conditions can be repaired the damage to the flash with this tool, but I think this tool is qualified in repairing the flash that can not be formatted or flash with RAW format, but on condition that the flash must terdetect by the operating system, because if it is not possible damaged detect is on the hardware. For comparison, some damaged flasdisk I am trying to fix the HP Drive Key Boot, HDD LLF tool, and various other formatting tool that not many can, but with this repair program is finally flash-flash can be formatted.

Repair can be downloaded here.


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