How to Accelerate Time Booting Computers

Computer modification is the right word if you want to speed up booting time. Actually, do not be too difficult to put into practice.

Reduce Starup With MSCONFIG
Not a few of us who often complain about the slow booting on the computer when we run. time ranged from 2 to 3 minutes or even longer. Indeed there are some programs that automatically executed by windows when the computer is turned on but really not all programs that existed at the start-up must be road in conjunction with the jalankannya windows. these programs will make your RAM memory is full and very influential on system boot

The more programs that are executed automatically at windows starup so at boot time you will grow old. So you can save the capacity of your RAM and booting time is also faster and faster, cut the programs that run at starup. How:

  1. Start ->Go to Run menu by clicking on the menu -> start -> run
  2. In an open tab type in msconfig then click OK
  3. It would appear the system configuration Utility window, click on the start up menu
  4. In the tabulation of "start up" will be shown the programs that run automatically at windows star up.
  5. In the column of "start up" items found on the program names. Courses with a checklist is a program that runs automatically when Windows is run.
  6. Column showing the location of the command of those programs are located. Turn off the items with a checklist on how to remove the check box on the application that you feel no need to run automatically by the windows like win amp, real player, printer, Nero and other programs that are not so important.
  7. If you already click APPLY then click OK.
  8. Restart your computer and then compare the results.


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