Tips to buy a laser printer

Color laser printers are increasingly smaller physique, rushed in print, and cheap price. You can get a price ranging from U.S. $ 300. Therefore, one should pay attention to the color laser printer is not just the price of the affordable unit, or the speed of printing and paper tray capacity. But also the operational costs. Remember, the price of consumables is high.

Because it's possible the color laser printer is a low-end price in the range of U.S. $ 500 in the end be more costly than clever in price range of U.S. $ 500 - U.S. $ 1000 or more due to the speed, capacity larger paper: cost per page becomes cheaper.

For example, if EP316 Black toner for Canon's Laser Shot LBP50550N/5050 sold U.S. $ 78 and can be used to print 2300 pages, meaning the cost per page printing monochrome (not including the price of paper) on the color laser printer is 3.4 U.S. cents.

Meanwhile, black toner for brother EP302 Black, Canon Laser Shot LBP5970, sold U.S. $ 150 with a capacity of 10,000 printed pages. That is, monochrome printing costs per page (outside the paper) with Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 to 1.5 U.S. cents, or about 44% cheaper. But in terms of unit price, Canon Laser Shot LBP5050N the 8ppm color print speed, and can be connected to the network is far below the Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 ($ 520 vs. U.S.. U.S. $ 3600).

So what to look for when going to buy a color laser printer? Here are some consideration.

Before buying any printer, used to count how many pages are printed each month your office. After that, examine the engine speed and monthly duty cycle of the printer you are considering, to see whether your use pattern in accordance with printer capabilities.

Printer engine speed, expressed in pages per minute (ppm - page per minute) tells how fast the printer to work in ideal conditions (or even the special conditions created by its vendor).

Canon Laser Shot LBP5050N/5050 for example, capable of printing 8ppm for color or 12ppm for black and white. While Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 can drag almost four times: 30ppm to 32ppm for color or black and white on A4 paper. Speed Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 slowed as printing on paper that is wider, the size of A3: 15ppm for color and monochrome.

The average printer, according to tests conducted by PCWorld, reaching only 75% of the maximum speed is mentioned. Even according to PCWorld, the speed of color laser printer is the cheapest way below its vendor claims.

But still the engine speed is the easiest guide to find out if the printer can handle your daily printing needs - personal or in the office. More and more people are using the printer, the more you print, so the faster the printer should do. Except if you like girl talk near the printer with other colleagues, looking at the print job who's out first.

Thorough also how fast a laser printer to respond to your commands perform tasks from the state printing die or standby mode. There are several printers that must warm up first before you can print. As a result you have to wait a while - could be a matter of seconds or even minutes - first.


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